[respect]™ Campaign provides a variety of educational services across the state of Hawai'i. See below for details on our programs and services.


The SATC partners with the Honolulu Theatre for Youth (HTY) to deliver engaging and interactive performances addressing sexual violence for middle and high school students. View the following options to learn more about each program and how to request a performance:

[respect]™ 2.0
A performance created for high school aged students that combines live theater with technology as a platform to discuss sexual violence prevention in an age of social media.
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Expect [respect]™
A theatrical performance and discussion about sexual violence prevention created for middle school aged students. The focus of this performance is on the importance of respecting boundaries and how students can contribute to a safer environment for everyone.
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Rally for [respect]™
The Rally for [respect]™ brings together artists and high school students to engage in creative workshops designed to convey [respect]™.
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[respect] SERVICES

The Sex Abuse Treatment Center’s [ r e s p e c t ]™  campaign educates and empowers all individuals to take action to prevent sexual violence. We have a number of educational services for your community. Click on the link to request one of these services:

[respect]™ Toolkit & Training
This training is geared toward educators, service providers, community organizers, and anyone that would like to implement the [respect]™ campaign educational tools. The toolkit is a resource that combines a number of interactive, user-friendly educational materials to deepen the understanding of the [respect]™ campaign.
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K-12 Teacher Training
SATC developed a K-12 Sexual Violence Prevention Curricula to implement in classrooms across Hawai’i. The curricula address ways to stay safe, prevent sexual violence victimization and perpetration, and develop healthy, respectful relationships.
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K-12 Curricula Presentation
The SATC Educator provides a presentation from one of our four, age-appropriate, K-12 curricula directly to students.
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Shots Film and Educational Session
A short film created by the SATC and Hawai‘i Coalition Against Sexual Assault (HCASA) highlights the high risk intersection between alcohol and sexual violence.
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Sexual Violence Prevention Education
Educational sessions that build awareness, knowledge, and provide tools for bystander intervention, are presented by SATC Educators.
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Curriculum Resources for Educators
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