Length of training: 3 hours

This training is geared toward educators, service providers, community organizers, and anyone that would like to implement the [respect]™ campaign educational tools. The toolkit is a resource that combines a number of interactive, user-friendly educational materials designed to deepen understanding of the [respect]™ campaign, and practice respectful behavior.

Coupled with specialized training from an SATC educator, the toolkit gives participants the knowledge and skills to share information about the prevention of sexual violence.

The [respect] toolkit and training:

  • Provides an understanding of the campaign’s message: Know the line. [respect]™ the line. Protect the line.
  • Outlines definitions and dynamics of sexual violence.
  • Provides information on alcohol related sexual assaults through the use of the “Shots” Film and Educational Discussion Guide.
  • Gives tools on how to prevent sexual violence as a concerned bystander.