[respect]™ in Action

The [respect]™ campaign maintains a strong presence in the community, participating in Children and Youth Day at the Capital and Waianae Keiki Spring Fest, among many other events for middle and high school aged youth. The [respect]™ campaign also has a strong presence on college campuses in the state. For example, [respect]™ partnered with Hawai‘i Pacific University’s “It Starts with Us” fair promoting education on sexual violence, and University of Hawai‘i Manoa’s “[respect]™ Walk”, which brought together students, faculty, and staff to walk in solidarity to support the campaign.

Our community collaborations are key to spreading [respect]™ to a diverse array of Hawai‘i’s people: locals, tourists, keiki, kupuna, wahine, and kane, reaching across generations and into the hearts of our kanaka.

Connect with [respect]™

SATC educators are available to bring the [respect]™ message to the community through participation in events, presentation, health and wellness fairs, community meetings, and other opportunities. Together we can build a culture of [respect]™ in Hawai‘i and prevent sexual violence from happening in our islands.

We all can show respect and create safe, respectful spaces for our community. Make a difference by exploring upcoming events and supporting [respect]™ Campaign.

Upcoming Events