75 Ways to Prevent Sexual Violence

  1. Respect a person’s right to say no to sexual activity
  2. Lobby for victim–centered sexual assault laws
  3. Speak out against all forms of violence
  4. Educate yourself on the issues
  5. Admit that it does happen in your community
  6. Intervene if you witness sexually abusive behavior
  7. Advocate for victim’s rights
  8. learn about sexual harassment
  9. Avoid engaging in, supporting or encouraging sexual harassment
  10. Believe & support survivors of sexual violence
  11. Know the statistics
  12. Avoid blaming the victim
  13. believe in equality
  14. Be aware of how violence is portrayed in the media
  15. Speak out against the media’s glorification of sexual violence
  16. Advocate for more rape prevention education programs
  17. Understand that sexual violence affects us all
  18. Talk to your teen about healthy, respectful relationships
  19. Stop others from slipping a date rape drug in someone’s drink
  20. Know that sexual violence is about power and control
  21. Model respectful behavior for others
  22. Know the sexual assault laws
  23. Believe that a safer world is possible
  24. Participate in sexual assault awareness month activities in april
  25. Teach kids that violence is not the answer
  26. Donate to organizations that serve survivors of sexual assault
  27. Put a sexual violence prevention sticker on your car
  28. Ponsor a fund raiser for your local sexual assault program
  29. Avoid making threats or using coercion and pressure to get sex
  30. Educate your child about safe and unsafe touching
  31. Wear a sexual assault prevention t- shirt
  32. Speak out against sexist or homophobic jokes
  33. Start an email campaign
  34. Know & share community resources for sex assault survivors
  35. Advocate for more youth violence prevention programs
  36. Know that it can happen to anyone
  37. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper
  38. Write an article for your school paper or workplace newsletter
  39. Get others to speak out against sexual violence
  40. Say something if a friend brags about sexually aggressive behavior
  41. Get help if you are being sexually harassed
  42. Stop your sexual advances if the other person says no
  43. Encourage others to do the same
  44. Avoid buying music that glorifies sexual violence
  45. Urge your local radio stations to stop playing music that contains lyrics that objectify women
  46. Applaud others who speak out against sexual violence
  47. Invite a speaker from your local sex assault center
  48. Pledge to never commit or condone acts of sexual violence
  49. Call for help if you witness an act of violence
  50. Respect the choices victims make to survive
  51. Stop others from taking sexual advantage of someone who is intoxicated
  52. Let others know you think it’s wrong to demean someone because of their sexual orientation
  53. Know your school’s workplace’s policies on sexual violence and harassment
  54. Engage others in discussions about sexual violence
  55. Challenge assumptions
  56. Break the silence
  57. Know that men can be sexually assaulted
  58. Know the rights of victims
  59. Empower & Advocate
  60. Be open to change
  61. Reach out
  62. Have compassion
  63. Find your voice
  64. Respect others’ boundaries
  65. Report it if you witness sexual harassment in your school or workplace
  66. Educate–Talk about it
  67. Know that most sex offenders aren’t strangers
  68. Support a friend
  69. Learn about date rape drugs
  70. Get the facts, tell others
  71. Stay alert and aware
  72. Reinforce that rape is never the victim’s fault
  73. Protect yourself
  74. Respect your partner or significant other
  75. Know that you have the power to make a difference


Adapted from “100 Things You Can Do to Prevent Sexual Assault” produced by the Atlantic County Woman’s Center, Linwood, New Jersey